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I am Annie Davenport Turner. Welcome to Open Voice!
I qualified as a teacher of the Alexander Technique in 1983. My fascination with the work began back in 1979 when, during a lengthy period of visiting the osteopath three times a week and taking several paracetamol a day for excruciating neck pain, I met with my aunt, voice teacher Esme Crampton from Toronto, on one of her visits to the UK. 

Talking to her about my pain she said to me, "You need The Alexander Technique!" Like many I said, "What's that?" and she answered, "The osteopath can go on putting your bones back into place as often as you want, but your habits in the way you use your muscles will just pull them out again. An Alexander teacher will you show you how to let go of these habits and tensions and then the bones will stay where they are meant to be and it wont hurt any more." What I didn't know then was that I was about to embark on an exciting, challenging, yet touching journey as I learned to unravel my over-reactions to life and to simply respond instead. Put very simply I had been doing this reacting with my muscles and creating havoc in my body in the meantime. Responding is much softer, flowing, more apposite and productive. 
Esme sent me the gift of a cheque for my first lesson, I began to learn about and how to release my habitual patterning, and the bones indeed stayed where they are meant to be, the pain went away, and poise, energy and confidence returned. 

My desire to know more led me, in 1980, to join the three year training course to become a teacher of this invaluable work. I am touched and honoured to work with a way of being which never stops giving, supporting, and illuminating. 

I like to think of the work as 'Alexando' - The Way of Alexander - a powerful, resourceful, and ultimately very, very useful way of being.  



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