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The Alexander Technique is about the way in which you process the events of your life, moment to moment. Discomfort and pain is frequently a consequence of your responses which have led to habitual tensions and patterns of reaction. Through gentle hands-on work and verbal clarification, your ease of being can be attained.

"I've not looked back. It's been amazing; the loss of pain has been 
achieved by learning to not only remove the symptoms, but crucially the causes. If you're thinking about The Alexander Technique, I can highly recommend Annie."
- Rory

My own personal response to life had resulted in debilitating neck pain and headaches, but for others it might be stress or a lack of vitality, anxiety, back pain, or pain in the knees, hips, elbows, or hands, RSI, migraine, IBS, depression, poor co-ordination and balance - all of which not least greatly impedes the freedom of your voice. The list of discomforts is long, but as I and many others have found, with 'Alexander' there can be light at the end of the tunnel.

"When I first met Annie Davenport Turner I was scheduled to have an operation to insert a metal plate into my neck and I had voiced my worries to my GP as I did not want to have the operation and felt that there must be another way. He told me to go and find a good Alexander Technique teacher. I followed his advice and met Annie and took my first step on an amazing journey which has literally changed my life. I would describe myself at the time of meeting Annie as a lump who was in constant pain. I say a lump because nothing moved properly in my body and when it did move it was painful. Eighteen months on I am still on this illuminating and joy filled journey and The Alexander Technique has become my constant friend. I am still learning and hope I always will but I can now move without pain, my energy levels are way up, my outlook on life has completely changed - I enjoy every day. Annie Davenport Turner is a wonderful mentor and teacher and I feel blessed and honoured to have met her." - Denise 

The work 'technique' can be rather weighty for many of us, but as any musician or sportsman can tell us, a sound technique is simply the necessary template to support us during the execution of a skill. The Alexander Technique is therefore aptly named as it supports us in every moment of the highly skilled business of being alive in this world of ever increasing stimuli. It can be seen as the basic technique that, if in place, can assist us in absolutely everything we choose to do in life, and in Open Voice it is in singing.   

The Transformational Process works at a cellular level within the body. Cells hold our memories and through this supportive, loving and totally non-judgemental process, these can be released and the cells left holding positive information, helping the body to heal both physically and emotionally. Beliefs and attitudes change and life becomes more enjoyable and peaceful without the 'drama'.

Through the process many deeply held beliefs and traumas can be transformed; they just don't seem to be there any more. As the invisible responses to the often long forgotten trauma cease, the Alexander work can enable the body to come back into its natural balance; the two modalities - if chosen to be used together - working hand in hand. In either case it is not necessary for me to know about what is being held, nor for the re-telling or re-living of old trauma. 
The two methods can, of course, be taken separately. 

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